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Cimilre Accessories

Here Are The Sizes We Cover
15mm Full Kit
17mm Full Kit
21mm Full Kit
24m Full Kit
28mm Full Kit
32mm Full Kit

Cimilre Valve (limited to 12 per year up to 3 years)

Cimilre Valves attach to the underside of the breast shield, allowing milk to flow into the collection container while maintaining proper suction. Reduced suction when pumping is often the first sign that your valves need replacing. We recommend always having a spare set on hand.

Cimilre Breast Shields (limited to 2 per pregnancy)

Give yourself peace of mind with spare breast shields. To maximize your pumping efficiency, we recommend having a good breast shield fit, especially if pumping causes discomfort. Four sizes are available for your Cimilre breast pump – 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, and 32mm, and each size comes in a set of two. Please note that valves are not included.

Cimilre Tubing (limited to 2 per pregnancy)

The tubing set connects the Cimilre pump motor to the Cimilre collection kit and is designed for single or double pumping. Please note that milk should not enter the tubing.

Backflow Protectors

The Cimilre Backflow Protector acts as a barrier to prevent air, moisture, and breast milk from making its way into the tubing and breast pump motor. The backflow protector assembly is attached to the breast shield on one side, and to the tubing on the other, allowing for a “closed system” while pumping.

Cimilre Bottles/Caps (limited to 2 per pregnancy)

Expand your breast milk storage collection with the Cimilre Storage Bottle Set. Bottles can be used safely to store expressed milk in the refrigerator or freezer. They have an easy-to-read measuring scale on the side and can hold up to 5 ounces. Please note that bottle nipples and bottle caps are not included.
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