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About Baby Pavilion

Who is Baby Pavilion?

We are a TRICARE breast pump and accessories provider who specializes in helping breastfeeding moms qualify for their breast
pump through their insurance. Simply complete the breast pump form, upload a prescription (don’t worry, we’ll help you get one if
you don’t already have one), and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll verify your eligibility, contact you as necessary to discuss your
options, and even send you monthly reminders to re-order your bags and accessories!

Why Should I Get My Breast Pump Through Baby Pavilion?

Baby Pavilion is one of the top TRICARE breast pump providers. Our customers choose us because we provide quality products and
unmatched services. We offer insight-based solutions and recommendations to our pumping mamas to ensure that they have a less stressful breastfeeding journey. Our process is simple and our “Beyond the Pump Program” offers so much more:

  • We send monthly reminders to re-order your bags and accessories at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU,
  • We work with your physicians to obtain a prescription (if you don’t already have one).
  • We offer FREE upgrades and carry some of the top brands (Spectra, Kiinde, Zomee).
  • We offer FREE shipping on all orders.
  • We offer FREE webinars to educate our breastfeeding mothers.
  • We offer FREE extended warranty.
Why Baby Pavilion VS Others?
Baby Pavilion is not simply an “authorized” provider, but is actually “contracted” with TRICARE. Many Providers are simply “Authorized.” They don’t have an actual contract with TRICARE. As such they don’t need to follow specific guidelines. Don’t take the risk!


How Can I Get a Breast Pump Through TRICARE?

Getting your breast pump and supplies through Baby Pavilion is easy! Simply complete our online form, upload a prescription, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you don’t have a prescription, we’ll help you get one. Then we’ll ship your pump the same day.

But we don’t stop there! After birth, we’ll send you a reminder every 30 days to order your bags and supplies. We make it easy for you!

What Does My Tricare Insurance Cover?

Baby Pavilion is one of the only providers offering everything Tricare covers. We even send you monthly reminders to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your benefits:

  • Breast pump (FREE upgrades offered)
  • 100 milk storage bags every 30 days following the birth event
  • 12 valves/membranes for each 12 months following the birth event
  • 1 set of replacement flanges/shield per birth event
  • 1 set of replacement tubing per birth event
  • 2 replacement bottles/caps for each 12 months following the birth event
How Do I Qualify For A Breast Pump Through Tricare?

To qualify for a breast pump through TRICARE, your primary insurance must be TRICARE (East, West or Overseas). You must be pregnant or breastfeeding and have a valid prescription from a TRICARE authorized physician.

The following are NOT COVERED: USFHP – US Family Health Plan, Direct Care, have a Primary Insurance or Other Health Insurance on file.

How Do I Choose The Best Breast Pump For Me?

Not sure what is best for you? No problem! Call one of our excellent customer service reps at 800-616-7860 and we’ll go through your options with you OR learn about all of our pumps here.

What Pumps Are Covered By Tricare?

View all offered pumps here.
We offer some of the most popular brands… even some FREE upgrades!

Is My Tricare Breast Pump Covered Under A Warranty?

Each of our pumps is covered under warranty by the manufacturer. Baby Pavilion will even extend the Manufacturer’s warranty by 50%! Have any issues? We’ll connect you with the right people to get the problem fixed ASAP. 

Can I Upgrade My Breast Pump?

Yes! We offer a handful of FREE upgrades, and upgrades at a discounted rate.
See all of our pumps

Have Any Other Questions?

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you soon.
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