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Hello TRICARE Mothers! Welcome to Baby Pavilion's

"Beyond The Pump" Program

Order through our Program...
Get the Pump you want and so much more! ❤️

Here are the Top 5 Highlights of "Beyond the Pump"
1.  FREE Complimentary Upgrades
2.  Automated Resupply Program
3. Compression/Support Garments Available
4. 24x7 Lactation Consultant Hotline
5. Educational Webinars

Getting a pump is so quick and easy (3-5 minutes).

1. Decide which pump you want

2. Complete the Registration Form

3. We ship directly to your home

Live Customer Reviews

We are the Highest Rated TRICARE Provider. 1100+ 4.9 Ratings on Website & 190+ 4.9 Ratings on Google.

Examples of how can we help...

It's late at night; your baby is hungry, you're having nursing issues, you're frustrated, you're tired. Somebody please help!  Call our FREE 24-hour hotline and talk with Certified Lactation Consultant.  She will listen to you and help you solve the problem.

You're outside the home and need to pump.  Oh no! No plug nearby.  No problem, you received a complimentary upgrade,  Your Pump can operate on an internal rechargeable battery.  Pump anywhere.

Breast feeding is new to you.  You know very little.  How will you correctly handle issues such as; tongue tie, low milk supply, supplementation, latching, etc.  Simply log into our weekly live educational webinars.  Ask questions and learn so you're prepared.

Beyond The Pump Program Details

1. FREE Complimentary Upgrades (Awesome!)

Don’t just settle for just a “Standard” pump. Get a complimentary “Upgraded” model.

Many other companies will only give you a choice of “baseline” pumps like the Spectra S2 or the plain Medela. However, in an effort to get you want you want, we will “Upgrade” your choices at absolutely no charge to you. For example, upgrade to our #1 pump… the Spectra S1 that incorporates a rechargeable battery. Or if you would like, you can get the Medela with a Backpack or Tote.

2. Automated Resupply Program ( Bags, Valves, Flanges, Etc. )

We’ll make sure you received your needed supplies with our automatic monthly text reminders.

With Tricare, you are entitled to follow-on supplies. Tricare will cover 90 Milk Storage Bags and Valves/Membranes every 30 days. In addition, they will pay for 1 full Kit for each birth. A Kit includes; 2 Flanges, 2 Valves, 2 Tubing, 2 Bottles and 2 Caps. Fortunately, you want have to worry about remembering everything, we make it easy by texting you every 30 days to remind you.

3. Compression/Support Garments Available

With a prescription, we’ll also ship you a Maternity Belt/Wrap, Compression Socks, etc.

Tricare will pay for a Maternity Belt/Wrap or Compression Socks. However, they are very particular about the prescription for these items. Fortunately, we make it easy by supplying an approved prescription form on this website.

4. 24x7 Lactation Consultant Hotline

After birth, you receive unlimited 1-on-1 assistance from a Certified IBCLC Lactation Consultant.

Get your questions answered (24x7 access). FREE lactation consultations is probably our best feature. We understand that mothers will experience breastfeeding issues or questions such as whether a medication is okay to take or why the baby won’t latch on in the middle of the night. When you do, you’ll be able to call one of our IBCLCs any time. We know that breastfeeding questions don’t always happen between 9-5, so if you have a question at 3 a.m., we are available to answer at any time! AND you will talk with a real person – our system is not automated!

5. Educational Webinars

Invitation to live Breastfeeding Webinars. Learn and ask questions...perfect for Mothers new to Breastfeeding.

Whether you’re an experienced at breastfeeding or a first timer, there is always something new to learn. As such, we’ve established a free weekly live webinar to help answer questions you may not have known you would have! Simply log into our website, enter your code and get ready to learn from topics such as breast pump 101, tongue ties, hot topics, when supplementation is needed, common breastfeeding difficulties, and more!

6. Personalized Help

Speak directly with a trained Lactation Counselor. They’ll answer your questions and help select your pump.

We understand that many first-time mothers don’t know much about pumps. In response, our team is well versed on each model. They can explain all the differences and help you select a pump that best fits your needs. In addition, they are trained Certified Lactation Counselors (CLCs) so they understand the challenges you will be facing.

7. Extended Warranty

Automatic 50% extension the Manufacturer’s warranty.
Never worry about your pump.

Most manufacturer warranties vary from 90 days to 2 years. However, we don’t want you to ever worry about a pump breakdown so we’re going to extend each manufacturer’s warranty by 50%. That means you can get up to 1 year of extra coverage!

8. Simple Process

Get started now by simply clicking on any of the “Order Now” buttons.

Nobody makes it easier to get you a Breast Pump. Simply click on the “Qualify Now” button, complete the form and we do all the rest. Yes, it really is that easy. We even pay for the shipping!

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Featured Customer Review

We are the Highest Rated TRICARE Provider. 1100+ 49 Ratings on Website & 190+ 4.9 Ratings on Google.

I have had the absolute BEST experience with Baby Pavilion! They have been super helpful and quick with shipping my breast pump, and pumping supplies right to my front door.



Always amazingly easy to accomplish orders and they are always so helpful. If they have a question about an order they contact you right away and give you all of the information needed to know about the new tricare changes. I recommend them to all the military moms I know! Definitely glad that I went with this company!!

Jessica Heath


Love you guys! Always so helpful and super fast delivery! I have been exclusively pumping for my twins for over a year and BP has always been there for me.. making my journey so much easier!

Jackie B


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