Spectra Backflow Protector

Spectra Backflow Protectors replace your old, damaged and worn out backflow protectors. Compatible with models such as the Spectra S2, S2 Plus, S1 Plus, S9 Plus these 100% BPA free backflow protectors keep your pump running smoothly for faster pumping sessions.

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About Spectra Backflow Protector

Spectra Backflow Protector replaces your old, damaged and worn out Spectra backflow protector. These protectors are compatible with all your Spectra breast pumps such as S2 Plus, S1 Plus S9 Plus. A new set of backflow protectors keeps your pump running smoothly and efficiently which makes for faster pumping sessions.

A backflow protector prevents your milk from entering your pump’s motors which is why it is important to replace damaged or old backflow protectors. Made from 100% BPA free materials this protector keeps your breastmilk and baby safe from harmful and toxic chemicals.

Medela Storage Bags Features

  • Fully Compatible With: Spectra S2, S2 Plus, S1 Plus S9 Plus and M1 breast pumps.
  • 100% BPA Free: Backflow protectors are 100% BPA free to keep your breastmilk and your baby safe from toxic chemicals.

What's Included

  • 1 - Spectra Backflow Protector