Maymom Tubing Set for Medela Free Style Breast Pump

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Need to quickly replace your pumps tubing? This quality tubing is compatible with the Medela Free Style breast pump (sold after 2006).  It comes with a pair of PVC tubes.  Tubing materials are BPA free and have been tested to meet EU and FDA food safety standards.  Each batch also passes SGS or Intertek testing for additional safety standards.   


1 Set of PVC tubing 


Maymom was established in 2009, with a group of newborn fathers who were not satisfied with the quality of parts for their baby’s breast pump.   Their combined education (PhDs in Chemisty, Biology and Physics) and 10yrs. experience in pharmaceutical lab and manufacturing ensures that highest quality is reached.  Maymom products are sold world-wide.  All products sold in the US have passed the FDA inspection under medical devices.  Each batch also passes SGS or Intertek testing for additional, maximum safety standards are achieved.  All testing and reports are available online, assuring you have full peace of mind.