Maymom Tubing For Medela FreeStyle

Maymom Tubing For Medela Freestyle replaces your old and damaged Medela Symphony pump tubing. This tubing is made from 100% BPA free material for safe use and new tubing will keep your milk running smoothly, faster and more efficiently.


Maymom Tubing For Medela Freestyle lets you easily replace and install your old and worn out tubing with a new one to maintain pumping performance. A new tube will also allow you to pump milk much faster and efficiently. 

Tubes can rip, tear, and become unsanitary after repeated use. Make sure you always have an extra tubing to keep at work, home, the car or wherever an emergency might call. Tubing is 100% BPA free so you don’t have to worry about your milk or baby coming in contact with harmful chemicals.

  • ● Fully Compatible With: Medela Freestyle breast pump.

  • ● 100% BPA Free: Tube is 100% BPA free to keep your breastmilk and your baby safe from toxic chemicals..

What's Included
● 1 - Maymom Tubing For Medela Freestyle