Maymom Wide Neck Flange/Valve (2ct)

The Maymom Wide Neck Flange Set is an easy to clean, one-piece flange design. This 100% BPA free wide neck flange set is only compatible with Spectra wide mouth bottles. Available sizes include 15mm, 17mm, 19mm, 21mm so you can find the perfect size which will let you pump more effectively and in comfort.

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Looking for the perfect sized flanges for your Spectra breast pump? The Maymom Wide Neck Flange Set is a simple, easy to clean one-piece design that is available in a range of sizes including, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm, 21mm. Choose the perfect fit for your needs and pump more breastmilk faster and comfortably.

This wide-neck flange set is only compatible with Spectra wide mouth feeding bottles. Easily twist and attach and you’re ready to pump. This set is 100% BPA free to keeps your breastmilk natural without coming in contact with toxic chemicals that can harm your baby.

Having the correct size of flanges will also allow you to pump more milk in less time without discomfort or pain. To make sure you get the most out your Maymom set, it also includes a duckbill membrane, valve and adapter giving you all the extra accessories you’ll need for your next pumping session.

  • ● Wide Neck Set: This wide-neck flange set is only compatible with wide mouth feeding bottles.

  • ● 100% BPA Free: All plastics parts are 100% BPA free and safe from toxic chemicals to keep your baby healthy and safe.

  • ● One-piece Design: It’s one piece design is efficient and simple, don’t lose or misplace part with this easy to use flange.

  • ● Painless Pumping: Most discomfort and pain is caused by not having the correct size of breast shields, Maymom give you a number of choices so you can pick the best size for you.

  • ● Clear & Easy-To-Read Measurement Labels: With clear and bold measurement labels Medela makes it easy for you to keep track of your milk levels without squinting or straining your eyes.

What's Included
● 1 - Wide neck flange
● 1 - Duckbill membrane
● 1 - Valve
● 1 - Adapter