Kiinde Twist Collection Breastfeeding Gift Set

The Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set is an the all in one solution containing all the essentials for the nursing moms such as Squeeze’s natural feeding bottles, Kozii breastmilk warmer, Keeper storage bag holder, and Slow Flow Active Latch nipples and more.

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About Kiinde Twist Collection Breastfeeding Gift Set

The Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set is the all-in-one solution for nursing moms who want a hassle-free, spill-free and convenient breastmilk storing system. Containing some of Kiinde’s most innovative products, this gift set is the complete collection for mommies that want to make life a little easier.

With Kiinde’s Twist Breastmilk Pouches and twist-lock technology avoid messy spills and leaks-- easily pump into the pouch and feed it directly to your baby in one go. These pouches also come pre-sterilized which keeps your breast milk 100% free from germs, bacteria. Made from a tough composite material these pouches are double-walled, so you don’t have to worry about rips, tears or spills!

Make sure you stay organized with Keeper, Kiinde’s breastmilk storage bag holder. Keeper storage bag holder makes it easy and convenient for you to store all your pouches. It easily fits in any refrigerator and freezer without taking up a lot of space.

Also included is Kozii Kiinde’s innovative breastmilk warmer. Kozii quickly and safely thaws your frozen breast milk leaving it at the perfect temperature, ready to feed to your little one.

This Gift Set also contains Squeeze feeding bottles which effortlessly attach to Twist pouches. Also included are the natural Flow Active Latch nipples which replicate the natural flow of milk just like mommy’s breasts. Choose between Slow, Medium and Fast-Flow Active Latch nipples, each one allowing a different amount of milk to flow when your baby suckles. This set comes complete with 2 cleaning brushes to keep all your accessories clean and sterile.


    No milk transfers. No dirty dishes. No air in your baby's meal.

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    Pump directly into Kiinde Twist Pouches from any pump.


    Pop the one-piece Active Latch nipple on top, OR use a nipple from another brand.


    Feed directly from Twist Pouches. No colic. No air in your baby's meal. Only one piece to clean!


    Natural Feeding - More Like Mom.

    Natural Nipple

    Slow flow Active Latch nipples require suction and massaging to get flow, just like Mom! They are designed to train Baby for a seamless transition between bottle and breast.

    No Colic

    Twist Pouches collapse as your baby drinks. No air in the pouch means no air in your baby's meal. No need for complicated venting mechanisms that are hard to clean.

    Active Latch

    Active Latch nipples are designed specifically to ease the transition between bottle and breast. Variations in texture encourage a deep, natural latch.

    No Air Ingestion

    Round nipples can cause air gaps to form at the corners of Baby's mouth. Air gaps can lead to air ingestion, which leads to colic.

    Active Latch nipples are oval, designed to help form an air-tight seal with Baby's lips all the way around.


    Safely Thaw and Warm Breastmilk, Formula, and Food.

    Kozii is our acclaimed breast milk warmer and bottle warmer.

    Kozii uses a patent-pending low temperature warming system that is specifically designed to preserve the delicate nutrients and proteins in breast milk. Kozii can quickly and safely thaw and warm breastmilk, formula, and pureed food, in any container - bags, bottles, glass, plastic, or stainless steel. Kozii can even thaw breast milk storage bags (from any brand) directly from the freezer!


    Beyond Breastmilk Storage Bags.

    The Toughest Pouch

    Dual-material, composite construction Twist Pouches provide the ultimate protection for your liquid gold. Leak-proof, freezer-proof, and oops-I-dropped-it-proof. We guarantee it.

    Flexible Feeding

    Want to experiment with other nipples? No problem! You can use our Direct-Pump adapters (included in our Twist Gift Set and Starter Kit) to attach nipples from most other brands, for direct-feeding from Twist Pouches with almost any nipple.

    Twist Grows with Your Little One

    Once your Little One graduates from breastmilk, our Foodii System allows you to use the exact same Twist Pouches to make your own healthy pureed food Squeeze Snacks! You can stock up on Twist Pouches, knowing you can continue to use them at all feeding stages - breast milk, formula, or pureed food.


    Kiinde Twist Collection Breastfeeding Gift Set Features

    • Kiinde Twist Breastmilk Pouches: Twist-lock technology pouches for storing milk directly from a pump and feed to your baby in one step
      • Double-Walled From A Tough Composite Material: Never worry about spills, rips, and tears.
      • Easy-To-Read Measurement Labels: Accurate measurements and clear easy-to-read labels so you can easily keep track of your breastmilk levels without squinting or straining your eyes.
      • Direct-Pump: Directly pump milk into your twist pouch, no messy milk transfers.
      • No Colic: : Twist pouches collapse and deflate as your baby drinks, to avoid air in your baby’s meal.
    • Kozii Breastmilk Warmer: Thaws and warms your breast milk even when taken directly out of the freezer, leaves your breastmilk at the perfect temperature ready to feed your baby.
    • Keeper Storage Bag Holder: Easy and convenient breastmilk bag holder for you to store all your pouches. Fits in any refrigerator and freezer without taking up a lot of space.
    • Active Latch Nipples: Natural bottle nipples come in 3 variants, Slow Flow, Medium Flow, and to mimic the natural flow of milk just like mommy’s breast.
    • 100% BPA Free Material & Pre Sterilized: All plastics parts are free from harmful BPA chemicals keeping your milk natural and your baby safe.

    What's Included

    • 20 - Twist Pouches, recyclable breastmilk storage pouches
    • 14 - Direct-Pump adapters (compatible with ALL major pump brands)
    • 1 - Keeper breastmilk storage bag holder
    • 1 - Kozii breastmilk warmer and bottle warmer
    • 2 - Squeeze natural feeding bottles
    • 1 - Slow Flow Active Latch nipple with case
    • 1 - Medium Flow Active Latch nipple with case
    • 1 - Fast Flow Active Latch nipple with case
    • 2 - Nipple cleaning brushes