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"Beyond The Pump" Program Webinar

Hello Mama, so glad you interested in learning.  Our Webinar is absolutely FREE.  Simply click below and you'll be able to join...

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NEXT EVENT & TOPIC - All start at 1:00 (EST)

📺 February 3
What to Expect in the Breastfed Newborn

📺 February 10
Going Back to Work

📺 February 17
Breast Pumps 101

📺 February 24
Normal Baby Behaviors

📺 March 2
One, Two, Three....LATCH!

📺 March 9
Basic Breastfeeding Positions

📺 March 16
Growth Spurts and Other Milestones in the Breastfed Infant

📺 March 23
Weaning How To's and What to Expect

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