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Milk Storage Bags

TRICARE will pay for 90 bags per month.

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Kiinde Twist Pouches

The Kiinde Twist Breast Milk Pouches are the one step solution for pumping, storing, and feeding your baby. Features include Twist Lock technology, Direct-Pump adapters, self-standing bottoms, 100% BPA free, easy-to-read measurement labels, and more.

Mother-K Breast Milk Storage Bags

Mother-K disposable bags for large amounts of breast milk. The temperature sensor on the bag shows the temperature of the milk, making it easier to orient yourself when reheating the milk to feed the baby. From safe materials, without toxic additives, so your baby gets only safe breast milk. Secure, double clamping band prevents dust, odors and dripping. Can be frozen in the freezer or stored in the refrigerator. Label for date placed conveniently and with the option to use any pen. Easy to use by dates and with that in mind feeding the baby.

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