Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump

The Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump comes full with an array of features such as an ultra-quiet motor, closed system, backflow protection and more. It’s easy-carry design ensures you and your baby a comfortable and peaceful nursing experience.

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Nursing your newborn baby is one of the most intimate moments you will ever experience and the Spectra S1 now makes it easier than ever. This innovative breast pump helps you create a peaceful and powerful bond with your newborn by combining an array of features that makes this a favorite for moms around the world.

Rid your home from disruptive noises with the S1's "Ultra-Quiet Motor" and allow your newborn to enjoy quality sleep even when pumping up close.

The Spectra S1's built-in and rechargeable battery makes it the perfect pump to take on the go and it's lightweight design (4 lbs.) allows you easily carry it anywhere in your home with ease. The Spectra S1 also contains a built-in Nightlight which makes it the perfect pump for those late night wake up calls.

Closed System: Protects your baby from a dangerous back-flow of milk, ensuring a safe and worry-free feeding time.

Back-flow Protection: Newborns have a delicate immune system, the S1's Back-flow Protection prevents the pumped milk from viruses, bacteria and mold.

Inhalation Vacuum Expression Strength of 320 mmHg: This Inhalation Vacuum Expression mimics a breastfeeding baby resulting in quick let-downs and a more natural expression of milk.

Portable: Easy-carry handle and lightweight design (4 lbs.), take it anywhere with ease.

Built-In Nightlight: Makes it easy to spot in the darkest of rooms, the perfect pump for those late night wake up calls.

Ultra-Quiet Motor: Allow your newborn to sleep soundly with the S1's Ultra-Quiet Motor, pumping near your baby has never been quieter.

Adjustable Suction Levels: Take full control with the option of 2 phase pumping cycles complete with adjustable options for a more pleasant pumping experience.
What's Included
1 - Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pump
2 - 24MM and 28MM Breast Shields/Flanges
2 - Milk bottles with locking rings and discs
2 - Duckbill Valves
2 - Back-flow Protectors
2 - Tubing
1 - AC Power Adapter