Spectra Premium Breast Shield Accessory Kit

The Spectra Premium Breast Shield Kit is a single piece breast shield kit complete with accessories such as tubing, duckbill valve membrane, back-flow protector, storage bottle cap and nipple. Fully compatible with the Spectra S1 Plus, S2 Plus, S9 Plus, and M1 breast pumps this 100% BPA kit allows you to pump in comfort and gives you the size options of 24mm or 28mm breast shields.


The Spectra Premium Breast Shield Kit packages all the extra accessories mommies might ever need for their Spectra breast pumps. Fully compatible with the Spectra S1 Plus, S2 Plus, S9 Plus, and M1 models this single breast shield kit makes sure you have all your replacement parts at arms reach. This kit comes in two sizes: 24mm and 28mm so mommy can find the perfect fit for her needs without going through painful pumping sessions.

This kit is also 100% BPA free to keep you and your baby safe from toxic and harmful chemicals. Also Included you’ll find a duckbill membrane valve, tubing, storage bottle cap and nipple so you can seal store your breastmilk right from the bottle hassle-free. This Premium also comes complete with a back-flow protector which prevents your breastmilk from collecting viruses, bacteria and mold.

    • ● Compatible With All Spectra Breast Pumps: This flange set is made for the Spectra S1 Plus, Spectra S2 Plus, Spectra S9 Plus, and Spectra M1.

    • ● Pump In Comfort & Pain-Free: Choose your perfect fitting breast shields from two sizes, 24mm or 28mm.

    • ● Back-flow Protector: Newborns have a delicate immune system, the Back-flow Protector prevents the pumped milk from getting contaminated with viruses, bacteria and mold.

    • ● 100% BPA Free Material: All plastics parts are 100% BPA free and safe from toxic chemicals to keep your baby healthy and safe.

    What's Included
    ● 1 - Breastshield (28mm or 24mm)
    ● 1 - Duckbill valve membrane
    ● 1 - Backflow protector
    ● 1 - Tubing
    ● 1 - Spectra storage bottle with nipple
    ● 1 - Bottle cap for storing