Pump it at Work
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Pump It at Work

Are you freaking out about the idea of breast pumping at work? Are you worried about how you will pull it off? Don’t worry, you are not alone! The key to pumping at work is to planning ahead and establishing a pumping routine.


• Mommy, It’s Time for School.

Take a prenatal breastfeeding class. Each breastfeeding journey is different and a fun class helps to prepare and guide.  It is also a great opportunity to meet other moms and share your experience. 

• Know Your Rights.

Read about the Federal Break Time for Nursing Law to be acquainted with a nursing mother’s rights at work.

• Use Your Laws.

Talk to your manager about your plans for breastfeeding prior to taking your maternity leave. Set up a suitable pumping schedule and a private space where you can pump.

• Form a Pumping Posse.

Speak with your coworkers who are currently breast pumping or have pumped in the past at work to obtain any tips with pumping at work.

• Get a Really, Really Good Pump.

This is very important! Get a breast pump that works best for you and a cooler bag for milk storage.


• Pump Me Baby, One More Time.

Practice expressing 2-3 weeks before going back to work after breastfeeding sessions to help build supply. Begin storing this pumped milk to have milk on hand.

• Baby, Meet Bottle.

Before going to work, introduce your baby to bottle feeding in pace feeding techniques, but wait at least 4-6 weeks after birth to introduce a bottle.

• Pump And Work.

Invest in a nursing bra ahead of time to multitask at work while pumping.

• Mark Your Calendar.

Come up with a pumping schedule. You will be pumping at work every 3-4 hours based on how often you breastfeed your child at home.  If you are working 8-9 hours shift, you may have to pump 2-3 times when you at work to make enough for your baby while away. Pumping for 10-15 minutes is the general recommendation. Make sure to double pump to save time and produce the max amount.


Also, check out our super cute door hangers that you can use for your pumping room at work! We have been adding them to all our new breast pump shipments!


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