Mommin' with Medela: A Medela Breast Pump Review
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Mommin' with Medela: A Medela Breast Pump Review


You’re having a baby! Congratulations! 🎉🎉

Now, you’re ready to take on breastfeeding, but where do you start? Whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mother, finding the right breast pump is vital to a successful breastfeeding experience.

Picking a pump can be overwhelming, Medela helps ease some of that stress.

Breastfeeding was one of the best adventures I’ve gone on in life. It was stressful and intimidating, but providing my baby with everything he needed for his body from my body was magical.

Medela, rated as the number one recommended breast pumping brands in the nation, made my experience as a first-time mom so much easier. My pump saved me when my little one couldn’t get the hang of breastfeeding in our first days (okay, maybe weeks) at home.

Medela has been in the breastfeeding industry for over fifty years. As a company built on passion; their main mission is to advocate for breastfeeding mothers.

They offer support to women during pregnancy, their hospital stay, and after the baby is born! Moms can pump more comfortably and efficiently with Medela’s patented technology.

The 2-phase technology has the same effect as physically breastfeeding your baby.

The Importance of Medela’s 2-phase Technology 👑

Medela Two Phase Technology

Image from Medela.

All of Medela’s electric breast pumps are made with a 2 phase technology, but why is this important to you?

With the commitment to provide mothers with pumping at ease, Medela did extensive research on babies feeding patterns. As a breastfeeding mom, you’ll quickly pick up on these patterns, too. They found that babies breastfeed in two different phases.

1️⃣ The first phase involves fast-paced nursing ( or suckling.) Babies do this in order to get their mother’s milk flowing.

2️⃣ The second phase is a much slower, deeper manner. After their mom’s milk is flowing, babies slow down their patterns in order to keep more milk coming.

Medela created a pump that mimics these two phases of breastfeeding. Medela’s Breast pumps are amazing, really, when you think of all the help breastfeeding moms accomplish!

The 2-phase technology allows for a comfortable and efficient experience. After all, as new moms, each moment matters.

Are you ready to get your Tricare breast pumps and breast pump accessories at no cost through TRICARE? Get started by filling out a super easy form to qualify now and we will connect with you within 24 business hours.

MyMedela ❤

I can’t express enough how much love I have for Medela as a company. Their support systems got me through some of my most stressful days, especially as a first-time mom.

Medela created an app called MyMedela. They refer to this app as a mother’s breastfeeding companion. It Is just that.

MyMedela makes it easy to remember all the little details of your little one’s life.

Here, you can keep track of how much your baby eats, or how long your last breast pumping session was. I even tracked when I produced the most milk. MyMedela was a lifesaver for keeping track of things I wanted to ask my doctor at baby’s next appointment.

Aside from their app support, they offer multiple options for breastfeeding moms.

Medela Breast Pump Options

Medela Pump In Style® Advanced Breast Pump

Plan on pumping multiple times throughout the day? This pump is perfect for you. Aside from the 2-phase technology, this specific breast pump has tons of perks. Moms get the choice of three different upgrade options.

Most insurance companies don’t allow upgrades, they provide you with the breast pump and must-have accessories. 👶 Baby Pavilion provides you with certain upgrades free; if your insurance doesn’t cover something, they pick up the additional costs.

Medela has three different carrying cases for your breast pump: the backpack, the metro bag and the “On The Go Tote.”

The backpack is my favourite because as a mom on the run it’s a great option for mamas who will pump at work. It has spaces for your pumped milk, ice packs, plus room for everything you might keep in your purse.

The Medela Pump In Style Backpack is a portable and comfortable option for the adventurous mom. This travel friendly model features a 2-Phase Expression Technology coupled with a one-touch-let-down button, to let you to pump more milk in less time plus many more features.

Medela Freestyle

My love for the Medela freestyle goes above and beyond my love for the Pump In Style Advanced. The difference is the convenience and ease of pumping. The Medela Freestyle is super lightweight and portable. It fits easily in my diaper bag or tote to work.

It’s also so much quieter than the Pump In Style Advanced. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and weights merely three pounds. Perfect to grab and go! As a military spouse, this pump is perfect for long trips.

Don’t worry, it’s just as effective as the Pump In Style Advanced!

The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Deluxe is a lightweight and portable double electric breast pump for the busy mom. This model bundles numerous features such as 2-Phase Expression Technology, rechargeable battery, backlit display and a cooler bag with contoured ice packs, and much more.

Symphony® Breast Pump

Let’s talk about hospital grade breast pumps because it’s important to know when you should have one.

When it comes to efficiency, you can’t get any better than a hospital grade breast pump. They are typically quieter, more efficient, and more comfortable for breastfeeding moms.

The Symphony ® Breast Pump is much bulkier than the Freestyle or Pump in Style but is definitely ideal for moms that have premature babies or babies that are having trouble breastfeeding. My little man had a hard time latching.

Thankfully, MyMedela Freestyle and my Pump in Style were enough to maintain my milk supply. Hospital grade breast pumps are something to talk with your doctor about if you are having issues producing enough milk for your little one, too.

Unfortunately, with a hospital grade pump, it isn’t as easy to carry it with you discreetly.

**Not currently offered by Baby Pavilion

HarmonyTM Breast Pump

I purchased the HarmonyTM Breast Pump as a backup plan.

Life happens, and it worried me that I wouldn’t be able to use my electric pump on demand in certain situations. This manual pump was such a great investment.

Occasionally, when I would be too stressed, my body wouldn’t respond well to the electric pump; magic happened when I used my manual pump.

This breast pump requires more time, but each time I used this pump how much milk I produced amazed me. It’s quiet, and it’s a simple setup perfect for late night pump sessions!

**Not currently offered by Baby Pavilion

Medela Breast Pump VS. Spectra Breast Pump

Medela and Spectra brand pumps are both great pumps. Spectra created pumps that appeal to moms that pump at night. They have a night time feature that lets you see how much your pumping without turning lights on. Plus, they are quieter than Medela’s Breast Pump in Style, making it more convenient to pump in the middle of the night, waking no one.

Medela’s Breast Pumps are much more efficient at helping release your milk quickly. This, again, has everything to do with their patented 2-phase technology.

My Favorite Medela Breast Pump Features

Pump Options

Aside from Medela Breast Pump’s 2-phase technology, I wholeheartedly loved that I could use my pump as a single pump or a double. When my stash of milk would get a little low, I could feed my little guy and pump at the same time.

Honestly, I saved so much time and saw so much more milk when I would pump and feed my little one at the same time.

Hands-Free Capabilities

The Medela Breast Pump Freestyle gave me the ability to continue with my daily routine while pumping. I could hook the unit onto my waist, put on my pumping bra, and go. Work, laundry, dinner, you name it, the Freestyle let me complete it.

Must-Have Accessories

As a breastfeeding mom, there are a few accessories you absolutely need. Baby Pavilion provides these must-haves!

Medela PersonalFit Breast Shields

Medela has three different size breast shields, which is fantastic. As a new, uninformed mom, I did not understand that the size of the shield mattered. Make sure you get the shield that feels most comfortable and fits you correctly.

Medela Valves & Membranes

Over time, the valves and membranes of the pump do wear out, sometimes membranes tend to go down

the drain while washing parts; having spare valves and membranes is vital to a successful pumping experience.

Storage Bags

With all the different milk storage bags on the market, Lanisol’s get the job done. They freeze well, don’t tear or leak easily, are 100 percent BPA free and come pre-sterilized.


If you plan on breastfeeding over an extended period, it’s so important to have a spare set of tubes. Over time, the materials wear out, especially if you’re pumping regularly.

Medela Breast Pumps are rated so high because of their passion for breastfeeding mothers.

Being a military family is stressful enough, feeding our babies shouldn’t be. The company makes it much easier. From their breast pump options to the support they offer through each of your first time moments with your little ones, Medela is there.

By Jessica Gettle from More Than Mommy
I'm a mommy and a MilSpouse; a writer, a realist, a self care advocate and a lover of all things chocolate. But most importantly a woman determined to make a difference.

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