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We Had a Parenting Memes Contest at Work, and This is What Happened!

We like to keep things interesting at Baby Pavilion. If you haven't noticed, we have been posting a lot of parenting memes on our Facebook and Instagram page lately. If you guys are ever scrolling through our page and wondering, "Who comes up with this stuff?". The answer would be - our Baby Pavilion Staff

While we do contests for you, our team at Baby Pavilion gets to join in the fun, too. We organized a #MemeChallenge, and the contestants had a week to submit their best parenting joke meme that they could up with. Then, we had a meeting after lunch last Friday to go over the memes and vote on whose was the best. Check out some of the submissions below. 

1) La Chancla by Crystal (Our Customer Service Specialist)

Parenting Meme 1

2) Kim K. Car Seat Workout by Fatima (Our Billing Specialist)

Parenting Meme 2

3) Ice Cube Does Not Play Around by Mohammed (Yeah, our CFO joined in the fun, too!)

Parenting Meme 3

Hahah, we can all definitely relate to these hilarious memes! Let our staff know which one you liked the best in the comments below. 



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