Halloween Costume Contest Winners
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Announcing the Halloween Costume Contest Winners

We are so excited to announce the winners of the "Baby Boo!" Halloween Contest! 

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the contest. The "Baby Boo!" Halloween Contest was a huge success. We got over 140+ submissions from you, awesome contestants, and we LOVED every single one of them! 

You delighted us with your creative costume ideas for your little kiddos. This was a fun way for us to remind ourselves why we do what we do. We are incredibly thankful for everyone who participated in the contest. 

If you are one of the lucky winners, please private message us on our Facebook account to claim your prize. 


You can check out the costume contest submissions here

Now, without further ado... we'd like to share the winners!

Can we get a drumroll, please??






First Place: Miguel from Coco

Miguel from Coco

Credit: Jeanette Cardenas

This submission was posted by Jeannette, and it received 228 likes! We loooove the whole make up and costume, and the attention to detail to the guitar and the gloves simply made it second to none!

Congratulations to Jeannette and her little one on taking first place, and the prize of a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Second Place: Coraline


Credit: Rebecca Verret

Just look at this adorable little girl! She has her hearts!! This submission was posted by Rebecca, and it received 218 likes! We love the blue hair, and her beautiful smile. It made our day here at Baby Pavilion. 

Congratulations to Rebecca and her beautiful daughter on taking second place, and the prize of a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Third Place: Chucky


Credit: Alyssa Dunham

Oh my gosh! It really was SPOOKTOBER! Loving this Chucky costume. Alyssa, you nailed it! Alyssa received 134 likes on her entry, and came in third place in the contest. We LOVE the costume, make up, hair.. EVERYTHING. $25 Amazon Gift Card goes to you! 

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated. We looked at every single submission, and LOVED all of them. Thank you for making this contest such a huge success. It really means a lot to us. 

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Terms and Conditions of the Contest

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  • Entries suspicious of fraud, paid likes, like for like, and fake accounts will be disqualified.
  • Baby Pavilion will determine giveaway recipients in its sole and absolute discretion and reserves the right to modify and change promotion without notice.
  • Each contest Participant understands to, consents to, and forfeits the right of their contest images to Baby Pavilion. 

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  2. avatar Jeannette Cardenas says:

    Thank you so much we’re very excited for winning 1st place still can’t believe it! I wanna thank you for this wonderful opportunity and for choosing my baby boys costume! We really appreciate it!! I’ll be buying him coco toys from Amazon with his reward money LOL he will be super excited with that 😊. Once again thank you! And congrats to all the other winners!😊❤

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